Realm of the Turtle King

Realm of the Turtle King is a classic point-and-click adventure with innovative twists. The game is suitable for all ages and tells the story of Hero Neustadt, an adventurous young man following the footprints of his grandfather. The equally adventurous man disappeared during an expedition, 13 years before Hero graduates as an anthropologist at the university of Zürich. When this happens, it is the year 1930.

Hero rallies the remaining four members of the expedition, who are of age and communicate with homing pigeons, to search for the elusive Turtle King, a mythical turtle his grandfather was searching for. According to legend, the centuries-old animal, or Tu’i Malila in Tongan, carries a map leading to infinite wealth on its shield. This map will lead along several islands within the kingdom of Tonga and the Cook Islands, ultimately ending at the Valley of the Giants. During his expedition, Hero’s grandfather becomes obsessed with the treasure, resulting in a mysterious disappearance.


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