Dendron – a soothing tree defense game

A lonely tree stands proud and tall on the top of a hill. We do not know its past, but we do know what lies in its dire future, as shiny axes appear on the horizon. All it needs is a little more time. Enough to make it strong, make it resist the tools of men. Will you help it gain this power?

Dendron was created for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest, in exactly one month time.

Dendron offers:

– a soothing game of survival

– four elemental powers to choose from

– procedurally generated seasons. No year is the same!

– atmospheric sound effects and a tranquil musical score

– an awesome prodigal bird

All artwork is original and specifically created for this game, as are the sound effects. Main score produced and performed by The Tranquis.


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